Jim Manis's Student Writing

This page contains links to various writing projects produced by his students. The students have agreed to make their work available to the general public; however, the copyright belongs to them, and their work cannot be reproduced in any fashion without specific written permission from the authors.

The students and Jim Manis hope you find their work of interest. Our intention is to provide interested parties, especially persons involved in education, with examples of the work students produce as undergraduates on the Hazleton campus of The Pennsylvania State University. The work produced here is available in both HTML format and PDF.

Click on a link below to open the file:

English 004, fall 2007 in HTML, in PDF.

English 015-6, 8, fall 2006 student assignment #4 in HTML, in PDF.

English 015-7, spring 2006 student assignment #2 in HTML, in PDF.