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PSU's Electronic Classics Series Edmund Spenser Page.

From this site you can download the works of Spencer in Adobe's ® Portable Document File format.
NOTE: You will need to have the Acrobat ® Reader installed in order to view these files Click me to get the latest version of the Reader.
WARNING: If you download these files, you assume full responsibility for your actions, the contents of the files, and the files as electronic devices. Neither the Pennsylvania State University nor anyone associated with it can be held responsible for your actions.
In order to download an electronic book, click on its title.
The following is a list of the six books of Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene.
  1. The Faerie Queene, Book I - 355KB

  3. The Faerie Queene, Book II - 415KB

  5. The Faerie Queene, Book III - 421KB

  7. The Faerie Queene, Book IV - 740KB

  9. The Faerie Queene, Book V - 350KB

  11. The Faerie Queene, Book VI -346 KB

The Faerie Queene: Complete in one 6x9 file - 1.9 MB, 987 pages.
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