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The Palimpsest Review was founded in 1992.

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Table of Contents

Links to the Best Writing on the Web!

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    Palimpsest Volume 10
  1. Sarah Etter: “Concaves”
  2. Marissa Molina: "The Day I Wasn’t There"
  3. Andrew Timberlake-Newell: "Smokie"
  4. Anthony Kocur: "To the Edge"
  5. David Kim: "Young and Perverted"
  6. Ryan Morini: "B – Movie Enthusiast"
  7. Joe Giachero: "Whatever Came First"
  8. Meghan Elliott: "Sound"
  9. Veronika L Daddona: "Driver" and "Lamentia"
  10. Ronell Smith: "The 1988 Holiday Barbie"
  11. Charles Howells: "Bandwagon Patriots"
  12. Andrew Noll: "Ten Feet Behind J.F.K."
  13. Sarah E. Smith: "Autumn Skies"
  14. Daniel Debiec: "A Morning in Missoula" and "into the rain"
  15. Ryan Melling: "Hand in Hand"
  16. Andraleen Zelonis: "Let’s Play"
  17. Kevin Cope: "House Guest"
  18. Becky Liscusky: "I Like Dogs and Frogs" and "You know the pan’s hot"
  19. Amber Shinskie: "Scent of a Cherry Cigar"
  20. Zachary Bricker: "Bedtime Story"

      Professional Writers at Work

  1. Prudence Grimes: "Writing My Father's Stories"
  2. Jeff Worley: "Tapping the Wellspring of Language"
  3. Todd Davis: "Looking for the Light"
  4. Ray Petersen: "The Cardinal Trait of a Writer"
  5. Dev Hathaway: "The Art of the Story"
  6. Karen Blomain: - two poems
  7. Len Roberts:  Seven Poems
  8. Maria Jacketti:  "Objects of Poetry"
  9. Kassie Fleisher:  "Spinning Miss Stein's Grave" 
Important Sites for Writers

BookBrowser - fiction reading lists - excerpts from recent books
Booknotes - authors speak on reading, writing, and ideas
Booktalk - talk about books
BookWeb - author tours, bookstores, discussion groups
Chapter One - first chapters of books, reviews, discussions - news, forums, reviews, interviews, articles, databases of awards, authors - reviews, news, interviews, essays, etc.
Page ONE - interviews, news, writing resources, and tips
PreviewPort - author profiles, events, articles
The Reader's Corner - fantasy, romance, mystery

Be sure to check the highlighted links listed below and the long listing on our additional literary links site.

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Poetry Dailey

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Palimpsest's Additional Literary Links
Essay on "Struggling to Publish" by Palimsest's editor, Jim Manis 

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