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Presents Penn State's Electronic Classics Series SirThomas Malory Page. 

From this site you can download Le Morte d'Arthurby Sir Thomas Malory (? - 1471?), completed about 1470, in Adobe's® Acrobat ® Portable Document File format.
ATTENTION: Thefiles require the Acrobat ® Reader to access: 
WARNING: Inchoosing to access these files, you must assume full responsibility for your actions: neither Penn State University, nor anyone associated withit can be held responsible for the content of the files or for the filesas electronic transmissions.  If you agree to this restriction, youmay download the files without cost or obligation on your part.
To download a file, click on its title.  If you have the Acrobat ® plug-in installed, you can access the fileright in the browser window. You may also save the file to disk.
Le Morte d'Arthur - in 21 Books or2 Vols.
Additional Links of Note
BookOne - 203 KB KingArthur & the Matter of Britain
BookTwo - 148 KB Medieval ArthurianLegends
BookThree - 136 KB MSEncartaentry
BookFour - 184 KB Universityof Rochester site
BookFive - 74.7 KB Luminarium
BookSix - 89.2 KB Britannia
BookSeven - 147 KB Legends
BookEight - 155 KB Arthurian Resources on the Internet
BookNine - 245 KB
BookTen - 402 KB
BookEleven - 128 KB
BookTwelve - 70 KB
BookThirteen - 145 KB
BookFourteen - 111 KB
BookFifteen - 100 KB
Book Sixteen - 133 KB
Book Seventeen - 159 KB
Book Eighteen 119 KB
Book Nineteen - 76 KB
Book Twenty - 170 KB
Book Twenty-one - 163 KB
Volume One - 904 KB Glossary for Volume One - 100 KB
Volume Two - 1.0 MB Glossary for Volume Two - 123 KB
Volume One (6x9 format) - 1.2 MB, 546 pages Volume Two (6x9 format) - 1.4 MB, 613 pages

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