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Presents Penn State's Electronic Classics Series Henry James Page. 

From this site you can download the works of Henry James (1843 - 1916: American) in Adobe's ® Acrobat ® Portable Document File format.
ATTENTION: The files require the Acrobat ® Reader to access: 
WARNING: In choosing to access these files, you must assume full responsibility for your actions: neither Penn State University, nor anyone associated with it can be held responsible for the content of the files or for the files as electronic transmissions.  If you agree to this restriction, you may download the files without cost or obligation on your part.
To download a file, click on its title.   If you have the Acrobat ® plug-in installed, you can access the file right in the browser window. You may also save the file to disk.

The Alter of the Dead - 138 KB

The Ambassadors - 1.21 MB

The Aspern Papers - 305 KB

The Beast in the Jungle - 171 KB

Confidence - 579 KB

The Coxon Fund - 204 KB

Daisy Miller - 195 KB

The Figure in the Carpet - 149 KB

The Death of the Lion - 147 KB

Glasses - 177 KB

A Bundle of Letters - 160 KB

The Diary of a Man of Fifty - 154 KB

Eugene Pickering - 207 KB

Greville Fane - 115 KB

The Beldonald Holbein - 130 KB

The Madonna of the Future - 174 KB

The Marriages - 157 KB

Pandora - 208 KB

Washington Square - 536 KB

The Portrait of a Lady - 1.70 MB

In the Cage - 302 KB

An International Episode - 239 KB

The Jolly Corner - 149 KB

The Pupil - 172 KB

The Lesson of the Master - 217 KB

The Turn of the Screw - 343 KB

The American - 1.0 MB

The Author of Beltraffio - 198 KB

The Pension Beaurepas - 187 KB

Some Short Stories - 338 KB

The Chaperon - 187 KB

Sir Dominick Ferrand - 220 KB

The Europeans - 499 KB

Roderick Hudson- 1.0 MB

A Little Tour in France - 622 KB

The Wings of the Dove - 1.44 MB

Nona Vincent - 150 KB

The Patagonia - 227 KB

The Point of View - 204 KB

The Real Thing - 141 KB 

Below is a list of novels in 6 x 9 single column format, best for printing. Below is a list of short novels and short stories in collections, in 6 x 9 format, best for printing.

The Ambassadors - 989 KB, 476 pages

The American - 777 KB, 407 pages

Confidence - 447 KB, 242 pages

The Europeans - 357 KB, 189 pages

The Portrait of a Lady - 1.48 MB, 704 pages

Roderick Hudson - 761 KB, 389 pages

A Little Tour in France - 462 KB, 210 pages

The Turn of the Screw - 251 KB, 127 pages

Washington Square - 386 KB, 213 pages

The Wings of the Dove - 503 KB, 254 pages

The Aspern Papers (incl. "The Alter of the Dead," "Some Short Stories," The Author of Beltraffio," "A Bundle of Letters," "The Chaperon," and "The Diary of a Man of Fifty") - 920 KB, 470 pages

Daisy Miller (incl. "The Coxon Fund," The Death of the Lion," "The Diary of a Man of Fifty," "Sir Dominick Ferrand," and "Eugene Pickering") - 683 KB, 346 pages

The Figure in the Carpet (incl. "Glasses," "Greville Fane," "The Beldonald Holbein," "In the Cage," "An International Episode," and "The Jolly Corner") - 778 KB, 405 pages

The Lesson of the Master (incl. "The Madonna of the Future," "The Marriages," "Nona Vincent," "Pandora," "The Patagonia," "The Pension Beaurepas," "The Point of View," "The Pupil," and "The Real Thing") - 1.02 MB, 529 pages

Additional Web sites of note: 
" The Henry James Scholar's Guide to Web Sites "

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