English 001, Section 1
Fall 2007

Instructor:  Jim Manis
Administration Building 205
Phone:  570.450.3189
E-mail:  jdm12@psu.edu
Web site:  http://www2.hn.psu.edu/faculty/jmanis/
Office hours:  Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. (and by appointment)

Text:  The Many Worlds of Literature, Stuart Hirschberg and Terry Hirschbert, Pearson Custom Publishing.

Purpose of the course:  English 001 explores how works of fiction, drama and poetry addresses enduring human values and issues.

Students within this course will be required to read a variety of written work, be prepared to discuss the work in class with the instructor and other students, and to write two (2) papers and take two (2) exams. All assigned readings must be completed prior to their due dates as listed in the course syllabus. Pop quizzes will be conducted on a regular basis.


August 28:  Introduction to the course

August 30:  Louis Erdrich's "The Bingo Van"

September 4 and 6:  Dal Stivens' "Warrigal," Bessie Head's "Looking for a Rain God," and Carmen Naranjo's "And We Sold the Rain"

September 11 and 13:  Nabil Gorgy's "Cairo Is a Small City," Ulfa Idelbi's "Seventy Years Later," and Sembene Ousmane's "Her Three Days"

September 18 and 25:  Dino Buzzati's "The Falling Girl," Jerzy Koxinski's "The Miller's Tale," and Daniel Keyes' "Flowers for Algernon"

September 27:  Exam

October 2:  Read all of the poems in the "Family and Cultural Heritage" section of the text

October 4:  Read all of the poems in the "Coming of Age" section of the text

October 9:  Read all of the poems in the "Gender" section of the text

October 11:  Read all of the poems in the "Class" section of the text

October 16:  Read all of the poems in the "The Individual and the State" section of the text

October 18:  Read all of the poems in the "Exile" section of the text

October 23:  Read all of the poems in the "The Spiritual Dimension" section of the text

October 25: Complete discussions of poetry

October 30:  Out-of-class paper due

November 1:  Tewfik al-Hakim's The Donkey Market

November 6:  Manuel Puig and Leonard Schrader's Kiss of the Spider Woman

November 8:  Wole Soyinka's The Lion and the Jewel

November 13:  Dario Fo's We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay

November 15:  Amlin Gray's How I Got That Story

November 27: Vaclav Havel's Protest

November 29: Milcha Sanchez-Scott's The Cuban Swimmer

December 4:  Christopher Durang's "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You"

December 6: Exam

December 13 and 15:  Concluding all course business (including make ups)

Out-of-class paper due first day of final exam week.

Grading:  Each exam counts for 20 points; each out-of-class paper counts for 20 points; participation (including attendance) counts for 10 points; pop quizzes count for 10 points total.