English 50, Introduction to Creative Writing 

Spring 2013 (Last updated January 12, 2013) (NOTE: This syllabus is temporary until the first day of class.)

Instructor: Jim Manis E-mail: jdm12@.psu.edu

Office: Memorial Building, Room 105, Hazleton campus Phone: 450-3189 

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from from 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. and by appointment. 

Texts: The Best American Short Stories 2012. And two books from the reading list, see below.

Suggested text: a good college dictionary 

Exercises: http://www2.hn.psu.edu/faculty/jmanis/assign/e50x1.htm

On Library Reserve: Video tapes of contemporary poets and one short story writer reading their work. If you are serious about writing, these present an opportunity for you to listen to and view some of the best contemporary writers reading their work and talking about it. The library also contains many copies of audio tapes of writers reading and discussing their work. 

In this course students will read published material and produce material in two genres: poetry and the short story. We will read and discuss recently published material in each genre in order to familiarize ourselves with the latest work of publishable merit and to practice workshop techniques in approaching this material as well as our own. Then students will individually produce material for each genre to submit to the workshop for discussion. Finally, each student will submit a portfolio of revised material and an essay assigned by the instructor, at the end of the semester, for a final grade. 

The purpose of this course is to introduce student writers to the workshop method of instruction, provide the students with an opportunity to produce written work in two genres for review by their peers, introduce student writers to an audience of serious readers, and provide students with the opportunity to improve their writing. 


Participation 50%: Much of this class is conducted as a workshop. You must participate daily in order to do average work to receive credit for participation. The quality of your participation and the seriousness of your comments are very important. To some extent, this is a competitive activity; however, you will be expected to conduct yourself in an adult manner, to behave orderly and with respect for the rights and views of others. In addition to attending classes, the student is expected to share his or her work with the class through a distribution of copies of that work and to speak in the class, both when the instructor calls upon the student and in a voluntary fashion. Also the student will be required to attend a conferences with the instructor, at which time the student will discuss an assigned text from the reading list attached to this document. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the student receiving a reduced grade for the course and may result in failure in the course. Generally, one letter grade is deducted for the overall course grade for failure to attend each conference. The conference should be held relatively early in the semester, and should be concluded before the end of the tenth week of the semester. If you are not prepared to participate in all of these procedures, drop the course immediately. 

Students are expected to arrive on time for the class and be prepared. All electronic devices must be turned off and put away. If a student needs to leave class early, he or she should notify the instructor in advance of the class. If a student leaves tghe classroom for any reason, he or she should not return to the classroom.

Portfolio 50%: An overall grade will be placed on the portfolio. Completeness is mandatory for the portfolio to receive a passing grade. While this course is introductory in nature and we do not expect students to be accomplished poets and short story writers, we do expect that evidence of some acquired skill be displayed in the work contained within the portfolio. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, paragraphing and other matters of polished work should be plainly within keeping with the ideals of standard edited American English (the "rules" laid out in the average composition handbook), and attempts at experimental writing and writing that attempts to suggest "spoken language" should be consistent and easily recognizable by the reader. The notion that creative writing is without rules is nonsensical, and the student should dispel him/herself of it immediately. Any notion that one writes only for him- or herself must be left outside the classroom. For our purposes, all writing is meant for communication to a reader. 

Total 100%

Notice that in addition to the written work, very considerable emphasis is placed upon participation. In order to participate you must attend class and be prepared for class. I will allow three absences without requiring an excuse. After three absences you will be required to provide a written excuse in order to be allowed to make up missed work, including missed participation. You may be required to do extra work before the class in order to improve your participation grade. Simply showing up for class and responding when called upon will not earn you more than a C grade at best in this critical area. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TALKING. But be honest in your responses. Read all assigned material PRIOR to coming to class. 

Statement of Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity: All students are expected to act with civility, personal integrity; respect other students' dignity, rights and property; and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed through the fruits of their own efforts.  An environment of academic integrity is requisite to respect for self and others and a civil community. 

Academic integrity includes a commitment to not engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception.  Such acts of dishonesty include cheating or copying, plagiarizing, submitting another persons' work as one's own, using Internet sources without citation, fabricating field data or citations, "ghosting" (taking or having another student take an exam), stealing examinations, tampering with the academic work of another student, facilitating other students' acts of academic dishonesty, etc. 

Academic dishonesty violates the fundamental ethical principles of the University community and compromises the worth of work completed by others.  A student should avoid academic dishonesty when preparing work for any class.   If charged with academic dishonesty, students will receive written or oral notice of the charge by the instructor.   Students who contest the charge should first seek resolution through discussion with the faculty member or the campus Director of Academic Affairs.  If the matter is not resolved, the student may request a hearing with the Commonwealth College Committee on Academic Integrity at the campus. 

Sanctions for breaches of academic integrity may range (depending on the severity of the offense) from F for the assignment to F for the course.   In severe cases of academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to, stealing exams or "ghosting" an exam, students may receive a grade of XF, a formal University disciplinary sanction that indicates on the student's transcript that failure in the course was due to a serious act of academic dishonesty.  The University's statement on Academic Integrity from which the above statement was drawn is available at:  http://www.psu.edu/dept/oue/aappm/G-9.html 

Disability Statement: Penn State is committed to providing access to a quality education for all students, including those with documented disabilities. If a student has a disability and wishes an accommodation for a course, it is the student's responsibility to obtain a University letter confirming the disability and suggesting appropriate accommodation. This letter can be requested from the campus Disability Contact Liaison, Jackie Walters, located in the Butler Teaching and Learning Resource Center (570-450-3005).

Agenda: (Only dates for which we will begin work are given; you may assume that we are still working on previous material during intervening dates. Please  be aware that these due dates may be subject to change for a variety of reasons, including inclement weather. Warning: No work will be accepted after the first day of the final exam week (always a Monday; for an assignment to be considered "turned in," it must be placed in the instructor's hands by the student.

Please Note: The following dates may be altered due to weather problems or other unforeseeable events. The final day of class, however, should remain the same. 

January 7: Introduction to course 

January 9: Discuss what makes a poem: each student responsible for one poem from Poetry. The student will read the poem aloud, and the class will discuss the poem. 

January 11: Exercises  

January 18: Each student responsible for turning in one original poem for class workshop, typed.

January 14: Begin workshop of student poems. Begin conferences on books of poems from library list. (All students must attend one conference, which must be completed before spring break. The earlier in the semester, the better.)

February 18: Begin discussion of prose. Students responsible for having read ALL short stories in The Best American Short Stories 2012.

February 27: Students responsible for turning in a draft of original short story.

March 3 – 9: Spring Break

March 11: Begin short story workshop. 

April 3:  Draft of report on one book of short stories chosen from the list below is due, typed.

April 26: Last day of class - Portfolios due first day of Final Exam Week (Monday, April 29, by 4:00 p.m.).


Your portfolio will constitute 50% of your grade; make certain it is complete. 

Your portfolio should contain the following materials: 

1. Six (6) original poems (typed on seperate pages) 

2. Original short story (2000-5000 words in length, typed and double-spaced) 

3. A report on a book of short stories  

Note: All prose needs to conform to the rules of standard edited written American English. For the most part, poetry needs to conform to these rules as well. 

Reader Response Format

Reader response, whether given orally or in writing, will follow the format below: 
1. What is it/what is it about? 
2. What do you like about it? 
3. What questions does it raise? 
4. What suggestions do you have? 

You will notice that the format is nonpejorative; that is, it does not ask the reader to find "fault" with a piece of writing, rather only to respond to it. This is true even when steps three and four are part of the format. It is not our intention to "put down" or "find fault" or in any other way to cast aspersions on a writer or a particular piece of writing. We consider all writing a form of discussion, and as such we are always giving and taking, constantly revising. 

In order to illustrate how this process works, I offer the following haiku poem by the Japanese poet, Buson: 

Before the white chrysanthemums 
the scissors hesitate 
for an instant.
  • I recognize this to be a haiku poem, although other readers not familiar with haiku may not. It is in three lines, provides a clear picture of the flowers and the scissors the moment before someone cuts them, that slight hesitation as the person waits one moment to enjoy the living flower in its natural state. It provides a distinct emotion of pleasure and that indefinable sense one has of mortality and beauty coupled in the decorative blossom; all of which suggests spiritual insight. It does not follow the precise syllabic requirement of haiku verse (5, 7 & 5); however, one might presume that it does in the original Japanese. 
  • The first thing I like about this poem is the word "chrysanthemums." The word itself is so lyrical as almost to be a poem, and I especially like the fact that the final syllable is so soft and at the same time prolonged. I cannot attest to its effect in Japanese, but in English it is especially effective. Because of the sound of the word, there is also a natural ceasura that causes the reader to hesitate at the end, just as there is with the word "hesitate." Each ceasura creates a natural place for a line break so that nature seems to be imitating art, as it were. Finally, and perhaps more importantly I like how the use of the two, and only two, precise, or real, images work to create the effect of a photograph. I see the white blossom and the blades of the scissors the moment before the green stem is cut. I sense the hesitation as if the that hesitation were coming from the scissors themselves. I am reminded of my own mortality and the perpetual change of the natural world and arts attempt to arrest this change. I see this all in a moment which Octavio Paz characterizes as incandescence; that is, as if someone were turning on a light, or perhaps opening the dark drapes to the morning sunlight, and for that moment time stands still and the revelation of my condition, my paradoxical state, comes into the clearest focus. 
  • The first questions that occurs to me is whether it is clear to all readers who is wielding the scissors or whether this needs to be made clear. I have no problem with this question; it is the poet, it is I. I also question whether the last line is as strong as it might be. I find it very weak in light of the other two and find the poem quite satisfactory in only its first two lines; however, the poem would not be a haiku without the third. This fact points out a problem with trying to satisfy formulaic poetry. Must the poem do so?
  • My only suggestion is to play with the final question above. I like the haiku, but I am not satisfied completely. This is the nature of all art and all discourse. Once one is completely satisfied, will there be a need for anything further?

English 50 Reading List 

Short Stories 

Abbott, Lee K. All Things All at Once. PS3551.B262 A79 2006.

Adrian, Chris. A Better Angel. PS3551.D75 B47 2008.

Amsterdam, Steven. Things We Didn't See Coming. PR9619.4.A49 T47 2009.

The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories
, ed. Ben Marcus. PS648.S5 A57 2004. 

Ansay, A. Manette. Read This and Tell Me What It Says. PS3551.N645 R43 1995. 

Bacon, Charlotte. A Private State. PS3552.A27 P7 1998. 

Bank, Melissa. The Wonder Spot. PS3552.A487 W66 2005.

Barnes, Julian. The Lemon Table. PR6052.A6657 LA46 2004. 

---. Pulse. PR6052.A6657 P85. 2011.

Bausch, Richard. Something Is Out There. PS3552.A846 S59 2010.

Baxter, Charles. Gryphon. PS3552.A854 G79 2011.

The Best American Short Stories. and The O. Henry Prize Winners. PZ1.B 
    (Start with latest year and work backward.) 

Beattie, Ann. Follies. PS3552.E177 F65 2005. 

---. What Was Mine. PS3552.E177 W38 1991. 

---. The Burning House. PS3552.E177 B8 1982. 

Bellamy, Joe David. Atomic Love. PS3552.E532 A94 1993. 

Bezmozgis, David. Natasha and other stories. PR9199.4.B495 N38 2004.

Bloom, Amy. Where the God of Love Hangs Out. PS3552.L6378 W47 2009.

Boyle, T. Corachessan. Wild Child. PS3552.O932 W53 2010.

Budnitz, Judy. Nice Big American Baby. PS3552.U3479 N53 2005. 

Burgin, Richard. Private Fame. PS3552.U717P7 1991. 

Carver, Raymond. Cathedral. PS3553.A7894 C3 1983.

Citkowitz, Evgenia. Ether. PS3603.I89 E75 2010.

D, Ramola. Temporary Lives. PS3554.H27 T46 2009.

DePew, Alfred. The Melancholy of Departure. PS3554.E1148 M45 1992. 

Doctorow, D. L. Sweet Land Stories. PS3554.O3 F58 2004. 

---. All the Time in the World. PS3554.O3 A79 2011.

Dorst, Doug. The Surf Guru. PS3604.O78 S87 2010.

Doyle, Roddy. The Deportees. PR6054.O95 D44 2008.

---. Bullfighting. PR6054.O95 B85 2011.

Drabble, Margaret. A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman. PR6054.R25 D39 2011.

Driscoll, Jack. Wanting Only To Be Heard. PS3554.R496 W36 1992. 

Eggers, Dave. How We Are Hungry. PS3605.G48 H68 2004. 

Eisenberg, Deborah. The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg. PS3555.I793 A6 2010. (Note: this text is 980 pages; for this assignment you only need to read one of the four sections that the book  is divided into.)

Ely, Scott. Overgrown with Love. PS3555.L94 093 1993. 

Erdrich, Louise. The Red Convertible. PS3555.R42 R44 2009.

Freed, Lynn. The Curse of the Appropriate Man. PR9369.3.F68 C87 2004. 

Fulton, Alice. The Nightingales of Troy. PS3556.U515 N54 2008.

Gilb, Dagoberto. The Magic of Blood. PS3557.I296 M3 1993. 

---. Before the End, after the Beginning. PS3557.I296 B44 2011.

Gordimer, Nadine. Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black and other stories. PR9369.3 B44 2007.

Gray, Amelia. Museum of the Weird. PS3607.R387 A84 2010.

Hagenston, Becky. A Gram of Mars. PS3558.A32316 G73 1998. 

Harleman, Ann. Happiness. PS3558.A624246 H36 1994. 

Heathcock, Alan. Volt. PS3608.E2835 V65 2011.

Hemon, Aleksandar. Love and Obstacles. PS3608.E48 L68 2009.

Horrocks, Caitlin. This Is Not Your City. PS3608.O7687 T48 2011.

Hughes, Mary-Beth. Double Happiness. PS3608.U34 D68 2010.

Jin, Ha. A Good Fall. PS3560.I6 G66 2009.

Keegan, Claire. Walk the Blue Fields. PR6061.E329 W35 2007.

Kennedy, A. L. What Becomes. PR6061.E5952 W43 2010.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. Unaccustomed Earth. PS3562.A316 U53 2008.

Lasdun, James. It's Beginning to Hurt. PR6062.A735 I87 2009.

Latiolais, Michelle. Widow. PS3562.A7585 W53 2011.

Lethem, Jonathan. Men and Cartoons. PS3562.E8544 M46 2004. 

Li, Yiyun. Gold Boy, Emerald Girl. PL2946.Y59 G65 2010.

Lyons, Daniel. The Last Good Man. PS3562.Y4483 L3 1993. 

Manfredi, Renee. Where Love Leaves Us. PS3563.A469 W48 1994. 

Martin, Valerie. The Unfinished Novel and Other Stories. PS3563.A7295 U54 2006.

Mattison, Alice. In Case We're Separated. PS3563.A8598 I5 2005. 

Mayo, C. M. Sky Over El Nido. PS3563.A96389 S59 1995. 

McElroy, Joseph. Night Soul and Other Stories. PS3563.A293 N54 2011.

McGarry, Jean. Ocean State. PS3563.C3636 O23 2010.

McGuane, Thomas. Gallatin Canyon. PS3563.A3113 G35 2006.

McInerney, Jay. How It Ended. PS3563.C3694 H69 2009.

McNally, T.M. Low Flying Aircraft. PS3563.C38816 L6 1991. 

Means, David. The Spot. PS3563.E195 S66 2010.

Meloy, Maile. Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It. PS3613.E46 B68 2009.

Morrow, Bradford. The Uninnocent. PS3563.O8754 U48 2011.

Mueenuddin, Daniyal. In Other Rooms, Other Wonders. PR9540.9.M84 I52 2009.

Munro, Alice. Too Much Happiness. PR9199.3.M8 A6 2009.

Nelson, Antonya. Nothing Right. PS3564.E428 N68 2009.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Dear Husband,. PS3565.A8 D43 2009.

---. Give Me Your Heart. PS3565.A8 G58 2010.

---. Sourland. PS3565.A8 S68 2010.

O'Brien, Edna. Saints and Sinners. PR6065.B7 S35 2011.

Orozco, Daniel. Orientation. PS3615.R5883 O75 2011.

Packer, Ann. Swim Back to Me. PS3616.A33 S95 2011.

Pearlman, Edith. Binocular Vision. PS3566.E2187 B56 2011.

Pollock, Donald Ray. Knockemstiff. PS3616.O5694 K56 2008.

Porter, Andrew. The Theory of Light & Matter. PS3616.O75 T47 2008.

Proulx, Annie. Fine Just the Way It Is. PS3566.R697 F56  2008.

Ross, Adam. Ladies and Gentlemen. PS3618.O84515 L33 2011.

Schutt, Christine. A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer. PS3569.C55555 D39 2005. 

Senna, Danzy. You Are Free. PS3569.E618 Y68 2011.

Silver, Marisa. Alone with You. PS3619.I55 A78 2010.

Spencer, Elizabeth. The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales. PS3537.P4454 L54 1996.

Stone, Robert. Fun with Problems. PS3569.T6418 F86 2010.

Styron, William. The Suicide Run. PS3569.T9 S85 2009.

Tawfiq, Sahar. Points of the Compass. PJ7864.A478 A6 1995.

Taylor, Justin. Everything Here Is the Best Thing Ever. PS3620.A9466 E94 2010.

Taylor-Hall, Mary Ann. How She Knows What She Knows about Yo-Yos. PS3570.A983 H69 2000. 

Thompson, Jean. Throw Like a Girl. PS3570.H625 T47 2007.

---. Do Not Deny Me. PS3570.H625 D6 2009.

Tillman, Lynne. Someday This Will Be Funny. PS3570.I42 S66 2011.

Tower, Wells. Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. PS3620.O927 E93 2009.

Trevor, William. A Bit on the Side. PR6070.R4 B57 2004.

Vonnegut, Kurt. Look at the Birdie. PS3572.O5 L66 2009.

Ward, Amanda Eyre. Love Stories in This Town. PS3623.A725 L68 2009.

Watson, Brad. Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives. PS3573.A45 2010.

Welch, Nancy. The Road from Prosperity. PS3623.E4625 R63 2005.

Wolff, Tobias. Our Story Begins: New and Selected Stories. PS3573.O558 O97 2008.

Poetry Reading List for Creative Writing 

A Gabriela Mistral Reader. Tr. Maria Giachetti (Jacketti). PQ8097.G6 A7 1993. 

Ai. Greed. PS3551.I2 G74 1993. 

Ammons, A. R. Uplands. PS3501.M6 U6 (1970).

---. Briefings: Poems Small and Easy. PS3501.M6 B7 (1971).

---. Diversifications. PS3501.M6 D5 (1975).

Angelou, Maya. Phenomenal Woman. PS3551.N464 P48 1994. 

---. Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well. PS3551.N464 05. 

---. And Still I Rise. PS3551.N64 A8. 

---. Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water `fore I Diiie. PS3551.N464 J8. 

---. I Shall Not Be Moved. PS3551.N464 I17 1990.

Ashbery, John. Planisphere. PS3501.S475 P53 2009.

Baderoon, Gabeba. The Dream in the Next Body. PR9369.4 B33 D74 2005.

---. A Hundred Silences. PR9369.4 H86 2006.

Baker, David. Never-Ending Birds. PS3552.A4116 N48 2009.

Bang, Mary Jo. Elegy. PS3552.A47546 E55 2007.

---. The Bride of E. PS3552.A47546 B75 2009.

Barber, David. Wonder Cabinet. PS3552.A59194 W66 2006.

Barks, Coleman. Winter Sky: New and Selected Poems, 1968-2008. PS3552.A6717 W56 2008. (For the purposes of this course, students need read only pages 3-112 of this text.)

Barnes, Dick. A Word Like Fire. PS3552.A695 A6 2005. 

Barr, John. Grace. PS3552.A731837 G7 1999. 

Bell, Marvin. The Escape into You. PS3552.E52 E8 (1971).

---. A Probable Volume of Dreams. PS3552.E52 P7 (1969).

Belz, Aaron. Lovely, Raspberry. PS3602.E463 L68 2010.

Bendall, Molly. Dark Summer. PS3552.E5384 D3 1999. 

Bernard, April. PSALMS. PS3552.E7258 P78 1993. 

Bernstein, Charles. All the Whiskey in Heaven. PS3552.E7327 A75 2010. (Note:  For the purposes of this course, read 100 pages. You may skip around within the text to accomplish this.)

Bidart, Frank. Star Dust. PS3552.I33 S73 2005. 

Blevins, Adrian. Live from the Homesick Jamboree. PS3602.L475 L58 2009.

Blumenthal, Michael. And. PS3552.L849 A8 2009.

Bogen, Don. An Algebra. PS3552.O4337 A79 2009.

Boland, Eavan. In a Time of Violence. PR6052.035 I49 1994. 

Bonanno, Kathleen Sheeder. Slamming Open the Door. PS3602.O6562 S58 2009.

Bowen, Kevin. Playing Basketball with the Viet Cong. PS3552.0862 P57 1994. 

Bosselaar, Laure-Anne. Small Gods of Grief. PS3552.O772 S6 2001.

Bradley, John. You Don't Know What You Don't Know. PS3602.R3427 Y68 2010.

Braun, Henry. The Vergil Woods. PS3552.R35 V4 (1968).

Brehm, John. Sea of Faith. PS3602.R444 S43 2004.

Brouwer, Joel. Centuries. PS3552.R68245 C46 2003.

Brown, Beth. Lightyears. PS3552.B6835 L5 (1982).

Buccino, Anthony. American Boy:  Pushing Sixty. PS3552.U313 A81 2009.

Buck, Paula Closson. The Acquiescent Villa. PS3552.U3339 A65 1998.

Bukowski, Charles. The Continual Condition. PS3552.U4 C664 2009.

Burden, Jean. Taking Light from Each Other. PS3552.U7 T35 1992. 

Burkard, Michael. Entire Dilemma. PS3552.U718 E58 1998.

Butts, Anthony. Fifth Season. PS3552.U88 F54 1997. 

Campion, Peter. Other People. PS3603.A486 O86 2005. 

---. The Lions. PS3603.A486 L5 2009.

Canaday, John. The Invisible World. PS3603.A524 I58 2002.

Carlson, Michael. Cement Guitar. PS3603.A753 C46 2003.

Carson, Ciaran. First Language. PR6053.A714 F4 1994. 

Carter, Jared. After the Rain. PS3553.A7812 A69 1993. 

Castillo, Ana. My Father Was a Tolyec. PS3553.A8135 M9 1995. 

Chang, Victoria. Salvinia Molesta. PS3603.H3575 S25 2008.

Chiasson, Dan. Natural History. PS3603.H54 N38 2005. 

Chin, David. Chalked in Orange. PS3553.H488 C5 1993.

Chin, Marilyn. The Phoenix Gone, The Terrace Empty. PS3553.H48975 P48 2009.

Cisneros, Sandra. Loose Woman. PS3553.I78 L66 1994.

Clark, Amy M. Stray Home. PS3603.L35543 S77 2010.

Clewell, David. Now We're Getting Somewhere. PS3553.L42 N68 1994.

Clover, Joshua. The Totality for Kids. PS3553.L667 T68 2006.

Coalseam: Poems from the Anthracite Region. PS548.P4 C63 1993.

Cole, Henri. Blackbird and Wolf. PS3553.O4725 B57 2007.

---. Pierce the Skin: Selected Poems 1982-2007. PS3553.O4725 P54 2010. (Students shoul read pp. 3-99.)

Coles, Katharine. The Golden Years of the Fourth Dimension. PS3553.O47455 G6 2001.

Collins, Billy. The Trouble with Poetry. PS3553.O47478 T76 2005.

Conkling, Helen. Red Peony Night. PS3553.04897 R43 1997. 

Conoley, Gillian. Tall Stranger. PS3553.051446 T3 1991. 

Conran, Tony. What Brings You Here So Late? PR6053.O5 W48 2008.

Cooley, Nicole. The Afflicted Girls. PS3553.O5647 A37 2004.

Corn, Alfred. Contradictions. PS3553.O655 C67 2002.

Costanzo, Gerald. In the Aviary. PS3553.O762 I5 (1974).

Creely, Robert. Selected Poems, 1945-2005. PS3505.R43 A6 2008.

Cushman, Stephen. Blue Pajamas. PS3553.U745 B58 1998.

Dacey, Philip. Night Shift at the Crucifix Factory. 1991. PS3554.A23N54 1991. 

Daniels, Jim. M-80. PS3554.A5635 M15 1993. 

---. On the Line. PS3554.A5635 05.

Deagon, Ann. PS3554.E116 T5 (1978).

Deming, Alison Hawthorne. Science and other poems. PS3554.E474 S35 1994.

Dickey, James. The Whole Motion: Collected Poems 1945-92. PS3554.132 A17 1992 

---. Buckdancer's Choice. PS3554.I32 B8 (1965).

Dobyns, Stephen. Pallbearers Envying the One Who Rides. PS3554.O2 P35 1999. 

Dominguez, David. The Ghost of Cesar Chávez. PS3604.O46 G45 2010.

Donahaye, Jasmine. Self-Portrait as Ruth. PR6104.O53 S45 2009.

Dove, Rita. Mother Love. PS3554.O884 M68 1995.

Doxsee, Julie. Objects for a Fog Death. PS3604.O9545 O25 2010.

Drury, John. Burning the Aspern Papers. PS3554.R83 B87 2003. 

Dufault, Peter Kane. Looking in All Directions: Selected Poems 1954-2000. PS3507.U368 L66 2000. 

Dunn, Stephen. What Goes On:  Selected and New Poems 1995-2009. PS3554.U49 W47 2009. (For the purposes of this course, students should read pages 115-195.)

Espada, Martin. City of Coughing and Dead Radiators. PS3555.S53 C57 1993. 

Farley, Paul. The Atlantic Tunnel. PR6056.A675 A93 2010.

Fenton, Elyse. Clamor. PS3606.E58 C57 2010.

Flynn, Nick. Blind Huber. PS3556.L894 B55 2002.

Foust, Graham. A Mouth in California. PS3606.O845 M68 2009.

Freisinger, Randall R. Plato's Breath. PS3556.R3939 P58 1997. 

Fulton, Alice. Sensual Math. PS3556.U515S46 1995. 

Gander, Forrest. Lynchburg. PS3557.A47 L96 1993 

Garcia, Richard. The Flying Garcias. PS3557.A71122 F57 1993. 

Garfinkel, Patricia. Making the Skeleton Dance. PS3557.A7153 M3 2000.

Gaspar, Frank X. A Field Guide to the Heavens. PS3557.A8448 F54 1999. 

George, Faye. A Wound on Stone. PS3557.E482 W68 2001.

Gerstler, Amy. Dearest Creature. PS3557.E735 D43 2009.

Gewanter, David. In the Belly. PS3557.E897 I5 1997.

---. The Sleep of Reason. PS3557.E897 S57 2003.

Gibson, Becky Gould. Aphrodite's Daughter. PS3557.l1644 A86 2007.

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Additional Prose Reading List for Creative Writing 

Burroway, Janet. Writing Fiction. 1992. PN3355.B79 1992 (Essays on writing) 

Doctorow, E. L. Creationists. PS3554.O3 C74 2006. (Short essays on various creative persons throughout history.)

Dunn, Stephen. Walking Light. PS3554.U49 W34 1993. (Essays by the poet on poetry & memoirs) 

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Harvey, Steven. A Geometry of Lilies. PS3558.A7195 Z467 1993 (Essays) 

Huddle, David. The Writing Habit. PN151.H78 1994 (Essays on writing: excellent selection!) 

Kundera, Milan. The Art of the Novel. 1988. PN3453.K8613 1988(Important essay on novel writing) 

Logan, William. Our Savage Art:  Poetry and the Civil Tongue. PS323.5.L644 2009. (Not for the faint of heart:  a collection of poetry reviews, along with an interview with the poet/critic at the end. Best for those who are most serious about poetry.)

McKain, David. Spellbound: Growing Up in God's Country. PS3563.A3133 Z475 1994 (Memoir about growing up in PA,    reads like short stories) 

Mairs, Nancy. Mortal Acts. (Autobiographical essays) 

Merwin, W. S. Unframed Originals. PS3563.E75 Z476 1982. (Autobiographical essays) 

Oliver, Mary. A Poetry Handbook. PE1505.035 1994 (Exceptional book on prosody and writing in general)

Raab, Diana M. Ed. Writers and Their Notebooks. PS129.W738 2010 (Excellent collection of essays by writers on keeping journals of various sorts; full of very good advice for beginning writers.)

Schwartz, Delmore. The Ego Is Always at the Wheel. PS3537.C79 E4 1986 (Essays) 

Welty, Eudora. One Writer's Beginnings. PS3545.E6 Z475 1984 (Essays) 

O, never say that I was false of heart, 
Though absence seem'd my flame to qualify. 
As easy might I from myself depart 
As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie: 
That is my home of love: if I have ranged, 
Like him that travels I return again, 
Just to the time, not with the time exchanged, 
So that myself bring water for my stain. 
Never believe, though in my nature reign'd 
All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood, 
That it could so preposterously be stain'd, 
To leave for nothing all thy sum of good; 
For nothing this wide universe I call, 
Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all. 

— Shakespeare 


The dusk of evening comes on. Earlier a little rain 
had fallen. You open a drawer and find inside 
the man's photograph, knowing he has only two years 
to live. He doesn't know this, of course, 
that's why he can mug for the camera. 
How could he know what's taking root in his head 
at that moment? If one looks to the right 
through boughs and tree trunks, there can be seen 
crimson patches of the after-glow. No shadows, no 
half-shadows. It is still and damp…. 
The man goes on mugging. I put the picture back 
in its place along with the others and give 
my attention instead to the after-glow along the far ridge, 
light golden on the roses in the garden. 
Then, I can't help myself, I glance once more 
at the picture. The wink, the broad smile, 
the jaunty slant of the cigarette. 

— Raymond Carver 
(example of a minimalist American poem)