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Welcome to Penn State's Electronic Classics Series Dante Page!
From here, you can download Adobe ® Acrobat ® PDF files of Dante's Divine Comedy.
You will need the Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader to access these files: Click here to get the Reader.
To start downloading a file, click on its title.
Please note: In taking this action, you assume full responsibility for doing so.
The first four PDF files are Rev. H.F. Cary's (1772 - 1844) translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. They include Cary's endnotes.
You can download the whole work at once, or each individual section one at a time.
The list also includes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's translation of the complete work and Charles Eliot Norton's 1891-92 prose translation.
  1. The Divine Comedy - 1,059KB (Cary's translation)
  2. Inferno - 438 KB (Cary's translation)
  3. Purgatory - 376 KB (Cary's translation)
  4. Paradise - 409 KB Cary's translation)
  5. The Divine Comedy (Longfellow's translation) - 944 KB
  6. Charles Eliot Norton's prose (1891-92) translation of The Divine Comody in three volumes: Hell (399 KB), Purgatory (456 KB), and Paradise (454 KB).
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