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PSU's Electronic Classics Series Dr. Martin Luther page.

From this page you can download important works by Martin Luther in Adobe's ® Portable Document File format.
ATTENTION: You will need Adobe's ® Acrobat ® Reader in order to access these files: 
WARNING: In choosing to download these files, you accept full responsibility for your actions in doing so; neither the Pennsylvania State University nor anyone associated with it can be held responsible for the contents of the files or for the files as electronic transmissions.
To begin downloading a file, click on its title.
  1. A Treatise on Good Works - 411 KB
  2. The Smalcald Articles - 286 KB
  3. On the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences - 170 KB
  4. An Open Letter on Translating - 195 KB
  5. Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians - 580 KB
  6. Concerning Christian Liberty - 204 KB
  7. The Large Catechism - 349 KB
  8. Luther's Little Instruction Book - 92 KB
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