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"I made my mind a blank and … 
sank … toward the dragon."
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Fall 2014 Courses 

English 15: Rhetoric and Composition 

English 4: Basic Writing Skills

      Other courses offered by Jim Manis in previous semesters.
    • English 1:  Introduction to Literature Syllabus 

    • English 50: Creative Writing Syllabus
    • English 202A: Writing in the social sciences.
    • English 202D: Business & Report WritingSyllabus
    • English 296A: Desktop Publishing & the Literary Magazine: Download the syllabus as a PDF. (Publication of literary magazines in traditional and online formats - course has enrollment limitations.)
    • English 419
    • FYE:Freshman Year Seminar Syllabus

    Visit PSU's Electronic Classics Series Download Site.

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    Jim's office is located in the
    Memorial Building, Room 105

    Jim Manis
    is the LASCC Coordinator,
    for the Hazleton Campus

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    Visit PSU's Electronic Classics Series Download Site.

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